Staff Wellbeing

Scrap the annual staff survey and start to track and monitor the wellbeing of your staff effectively throughout the year.

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Our easy to digest report provides you with a monthly Wellbeing score

Surveys in less than a minute

Automatic surveys keep your finger on the pulse of staffwellbeing all year round.

Links with your MIS system

We link with all major MIS platforms including SIMS, ScholarPack, RM Integris and Arbor.

Easy to digest reports

Beautiful, simple reports that provide you with a monthly staff wellbeing score.

Tangible benefits

Increasing the wellbeing of staff has been proven to help improve staff performance and reduce the number of sickness days. Help care for your team by identifying issues before they develop.

Personalised reporting

Make the reports look and feel like your school report by adding your school, academy and MAT branding to the reports.

Links to the OFSTED Framework

The perfect way to demonstrate how you are engaging effectively with all staff and responding to staff wellbeing concerns in a meaningful way.

Full question management

You set the frequency of the survey and can choose from our bank of pre-set bank of questions or add your own

Each survey takes less than 1 minute to complete

Understand your staff wellbeing to build a better school

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