Caring for everyone connected to your school


Select from 3 core modules. Staff, Parents and Pupils


We connect your school MIS system, ready to send out surveys


We’ll produce fantastic reports that meet OFSTED criteria


Our easy to digest report provides you with a monthly wellbeing score

How does it work?

The my School Wellbeing platform automatically asks your stakeholders for feedback on a regular basis using our library of proven questions and provides you with an easy to digest wellbeing report directly into your inbox.  

The my School Wellbeing report provides you with a monthly wellbeing score and further analysis over four categories (engagement, culture, development and leadership), enabling you to create a focused wellbeing strategy.  

my School Wellbeing has been designed with the Ofsted framework in mind, our Wellbeing reports are perfect to demonstrate how you are engaging effectively with all stakeholders and responding to wellbeing concerns in a meaningful way.


The my School Wellbeing report will automatically ask your staff and parents for feedback
A professional report is delivered directly into your inbox
Access previous reports, manage your preferences and settings from the my School Wellbeing dashboard

Reach beyond the school gates

Caring for everyone connected to your school

Understanding and improving the wellbeing of your school will not only benefit individual employees but will also help to build a better school by tapping into the wellbeing of parents and pupils.

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Perfect for both individual schools and MATs

Whether you are an individual school or multi-academy trust the my School Wellbeing platform is perfect for monitoring, tracking and reporting the wellbeing of all your staff and the voice of your parents.

MATs are able to view the individual staff wellbeing and parent voice reports from each school to provide a valuable insight into the wellbeing of staff and the parent voice across the whole MAT.

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Our customers range from infant schools to large multi-academy trusts and come from within every Local Authority.

Our easy to digest wellbeing report is produced automatically and delivered straight into your inbox every month.  The wellbeing questions will take your staff just minutes to complete and can be done from anywhere.

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Staff view


Scrap the annual staff survey and start to track and monitor the wellbeing of your staff effectively throughout the year. 

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Parent view


Collate parent feedback throughout the year with our automated parent view module

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Track and evidence the pupil voice in your school with our pupil module.

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