The story continues…….

Neil & Matt, Co-Founders of “The Headteacher’s Report” are delighted to bring you their latest creation mySchoolWellbeing.

Never has there been more asked of schools, more expectation asked of staff and parents, and more pressure placed on the children who will ultimately shape our future.  The guys couldn’t just sit on an idea that had been brewing for some time.  So in October 2020 they decided to make mySchoolWellbeing a reality.

Staff surveys, google forms and asking parents to complete handwritten questionnaires.  There has to be a better way, an easier way, and we believe mySchoolWellbeing is this way!

Throw in the usual bucket-load of passion, keep the small flexible family business ethos and give school wellbeing the attention it needs right now.

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Parent view


Scrap the annual staff survey and start to track and monitor the wellbeing of your staff effectively throughout the year.


Track and evidence the pupil voice in your school with our pupil module.

Staff view


Collate parent feedback throughout the year with our automated parent view module