Wellbeing Initiatives In Schools

Mental health for pupils and teachers within primary and secondary schools is a vital concern, especially after Coronavirus.

Unfortunately the Coronavirus changed the daily routine in many schools around the world.

Such disruption and uncertainty within an educational setting has the potential to unbalance the wellbeing of school leaders, school staff, senior leaders and all the young people that are part of the whole school culture.

Improving Mental Health

Positive mental health and emotional health within education settings is imperative, if schools are to retain health and wellbeing.

Raising mental health awareness and offering mental health support to teachers, children and young people, is a great way to reduce the stigma around mental health and ensures that everyone in the school community feels comfortable discussing any issues they may have.

How Can Schools Promote Wellbeing?

It’s critical for a school leader to comprehend his or her staff’s mental health and well-being. 

After all, they are the ones who keep a school running!

The mySchoolWellbeing platform aids in this by asking teachers, school staff and pupils, for comments on a regular basis and then sending you an easy-to-understand wellbeing report straight to your inbox.

It’s a more hands-off approach than the time-consuming formal meetings, allowing you to identify and address any concerns immediately.

Wellbeing Initiatives

Schools are under increasing pressure to support the mental health and wellbeing of their students.

Mental health issues can lead to problems with learning, behaviour and attendance, so it’s important that schools provide an environment where students feel safe, supported and able to thrive.

There are a number of initiatives that schools can implement such as:

  • Creating a pleasant, courteous, and inclusive atmosphere
  • Creating a positive technique for managing conduct
  • Developing proactive health and inclusion policies to address future challenges
  • Creating opportunities for student involvement and leadership
  • Developing strong relationships with students, parents, caregivers, community and service providers

Mental Health Training

If you are looking for an effective school approach to staff wellbeing, pupil wellbeing and school life in general, consider the mySchoolWellbeing platform.

Early Intervention

The mySchoolWellbeing platform seeks staff input on a regular basis, utilising our library of tried-and-tested questions, and provides you with an easy-to-understand health assessment right to your inbox.

Our simple report gives you a monthly wellness score as well as additional analysis in four areas (Engagement, Culture, Development, and Leadership), allowing you to build a focused wellbeing plan.

Designed with Ofsted and governors in mind, our wellbeing reports are ideal for showing how you’re interacting effectively with all personnel and dealing with any staff concerns in a substantive way.

Signing up to the mySchoolWellbeing platform is quick and easy, and it aids in the process of making a difference!

Download a free sample report on staff wellbeing to learn more about our service’s features and advantages, and submit your details today to start improving school employees’ well-being!


Published: 24th June 2022

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