School Parent Survey

Parent involvement and parent engagement within schools are paramount to the success of a child’s wellbeing and academic achievements.

By encouraging parents to interact with schools and other parents, creates a wellbeing relationship that is welcoming and encourages social skills in a primary school for example.

Parent Questionnaire

Encouraging parents to complete simple surveys that only take seconds to fill out, can have a long lasting and positive effect on engagement.

Feedback from surveys can be used to make necessary changes that can improve the school overall for both students and parents.

Introducing a new way of promoting well being within your school!


The mySchoolWellbeing platform is a new way for parents to have their say and answer survey questions relating to the wellbeing of their child at school.

This platform will also provide educators with valuable insights that can help shape and improve wellbeing initiatives at school.

The monthly report gives you a convenient wellbeing report straight into your inbox by automatically asking stakeholders for feedback using our library of tried and true questions.

Our Wellbeing reports are ideal for showing how you’re integrating effectively with all stakeholders and addressing wellbeing issues in a meaningful manner, according to the Ofsted framework


How Do Schools Get Parents Involved?

Not all parents have time to complete a parent survey or answer survey questions but if worded correctly, you might just persuade them to get involved.

In the first instance it would be beneficial to both the kids and their parents if you explain that you would truly appreciate it if they could fill out a short survey and that their feedback is critical in assisting to better the school for both pupils and parents.

Explain why you are asking for their feedback on a regular basis and most importantly what it is about.

Be sure to keep parents, carers and pupils up to date with health scores and show how senior leaders are taking important, positive steps to improve specific key areas.

You could report this in the monthly newsletter, mail shot, end of month assembly etc.

However you choose to encourage parents to provide feedback and however the results are reported to parents and pupils, it can only be a positive step to provide wellbeing in your school.

Don’t Take Our Word For It

Download our free survey template and sample report to understand how a parent questionnaire can help a school achieve wellbeing in all students, defer bullying and create a positive school environment for children and their parents to feel safe and valued in.

You can also read our client testimonials page which states how the mySchoolWellbeing platform has helped monitor wellbeing within their schools.


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If you would like further information about us, our platform or how to utilise the platform in your school, contact us via phone, email or complete our online contact form, on our contact us page.


Published: 24th June 2022

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