Understand Your Staff Wellbeing To Build A Better School.

As a school leader, it’s important to understand the mental health and wellbeing of your staff. After all, they are the ones who make your school tick!

The mySchoolWellbeing platform helps you do just that, by regularly asking staff for feedback and then delivering an easy-to-digest wellbeing report directly to your inbox.

It offers a more hands off approach than the time consuming formal meetings, allowing you to identify and address any issues immediately.

Support Systems

The mySchoolWellbeing platform automatically asks for your staff’s input on a regular basis, utilising our library of tried-and-true questions, and sends you an easy-to-understand health report directly to your inbox.

Our easy to digest report provides you with a monthly wellbeing score as well as further analysis in four categories (engagement, culture, development and leadership), allowing you to develop a focused wellbeing strategy.

Our wellbeing reports are ideal for demonstrating how you are engaging effectively with all personnel and responding to any staff wellbeing issues in a meaningful way, given that they have been created with Ofsted and governors in mind.

Promote Wellbeing

Start to effectively track and monitor staff wellbeing, their mental health status and ways to reduce stress all year round within schools and college, using our time saving mySchoolWellbeing platform, instead of conducting an annual employee survey.

By keeping the education workplace stress free and your staff happy, will help you to build and achieve a stronger, more productive school community.

So sign up today and start to focus on promoting staff wellbeing in your school!

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Published: 11th May 2022

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